Puppy love! {Pets in Weddings}

Animals are awesome. Particularly dogs wearing bow ties.


Some of my FAVORITE wedding photos are of a couple who has their dog laying next to them during the ceremony. It can make a wedding feel so much more personal and intimate to have the couple's beloved pup at their feet.


Even though our wedding is indoors, we made sure our vendor would be okay with us having our 13-year-old rescue pup in the wedding with us. We're not sure yet if we're going to include him, as it might be too stressful for the old man, but we wanted to make sure we have the option, of course. Plus, dogs looks so darn cute in photos!!

one, two, three, four

Are you including your furry companion in your wedding? Or how about your engagement photos? Have you been to a wedding where the dog was the Best Man?

Since I'm a proud mom and I can't help myself, here's a photo of our fluffy man, Scooby, in a canoe. Won't he look great next to my dress? ;)