Dressing Up the Aisle

I’ve talked about aisle décor a bit, particularly with flowers, but now I’m thinking about aisle runners. The aisle way at our venue is part stone and part lawn, so I’m thinking that it will be necessary to have a runner to smooth out that transition. Plus, I don’t want my dress to get stuck on the flagstone! I don’t think a monogramed runner fits in with our style, but why just go with plain white or lace? The runner could be a great place to infuse a little color, pattern and personality! (And if you’ve been following me, you know I love some personality in my décor)

These floral patterned runners are gorgeous, but I’m really loving the look of the stripes!

Sources: Yellow Floral, Yellow Stripe, Blue Damask, Multi Floral, Blue Stripe, Orange Edges, Black Stripe 

Now I just need to figure out how to execute this. I could buy fabric, as long as the amount of fabric needed doesn’t get too expensive. I also saw a DIY tutorial suggesting painting a canvas drop cloth. As always, suggestions are welcome!

These runners aren’t quite practical, but they sure are gorgeous!

Sources: Streamers, Lettering, Ombre

Oh, and happy leap day! Enjoy this beautiful photo and one of my favorite quotes: "Leap and the net will appear"