They Are Back :: Stacked Bracelets

When you were little did your arm become a place for anything and everything that would fit around your wrist in the form of a bracelet to gather? Mine did. Who knew what started as a fad for rubber bands and water park wrist bands would turn into something like this trend today. Stacked bracelets are my current all-time favorite thing right now.

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Gone are the days of the statement necklace. I hate to say such a statement seeing as I was pretty obsessed with always adorning my neck with the chunkiest most awesome piece I could find. My take on bracelets a year ago was that they were such a strange piece of jewelry. I just didn't understand them. But now, now I can't seem to get enough of them. But not just one, and not just two, but a whole slew of them that creep up my arm. I like them big and bulky, and with a watch or two shuffled into the mix.

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So why explain my love affair of bracelets with you? Well because this fabulous idea is something that I am dying to see at a wedding. I have yet to see this happen, but maybe one of you lovely brides share my insane love and passion of stacked bracelets and are taking the plunge. Anyone?

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If you aren't feeling it and you love the statement necklace till the end, that is quite alright. But this is also a great idea for the bridesmaid bunch.