Suiting the Groom {and His Men}

For some reason this week, I've been starting to feel sad about no longer planning a fantastic party with a respectively gigantic budget anymore after this year. I am having so much fun! Sure, it gets stressful sometimes. But I really love dreaming big and figuring out the details and making crazy wishes come true. My poor friends are probably going to have to put up with me planning their entire weddings for them on Pinterest (right alongside every other formerly-engaged woman on Pinterest). Do any of you feel the same?


Anyways, I've been looking for suits for my groom for months, and we finally went this past weekend to try on the one (yes, boys have "the one" too)! Let me start by clarifying how this process has been going for us... Since we are planning an eco-chic, vegan wedding this means that we are looking for wool-free suits. Let me tell you, it is hard to find a gray 3-piece suit without any wool! Plenty of linen, or 2-piece suits, but a 3-piece gray suit is a toughy (thank you, Kyle, for that very specific style request). But we found a great vintage-y cotton suit that we both LOVED from J. Crew, and they just got it in stores for Spring shopping. So we wandered in this past weekend and made our way straight to the fitting room!

He tried on this suit and this tie with a white shirt, and looked amazing:

Because they only sell the vest online, he wasn't able to try on the whole thing. So we ordered the vest and will go back to the store to try on the whole ensemble. We also ordered a second vest for our dear friend and only local groomsman to come to the store with us and try on the probable groomsmen outfit (why do guys hate it when you say "outfit" by the way?), which we're thinking will be just the vest and pants with a white shirt and slightly different cotton tie.

I also saw this absolutely adorable tiny 3-piece seersucker suit for the ring bearer that I just fell in love with. Isn't he cute?!


I guess my biggest concern here is that it feels really, really early to be buying the clothes for everyone. But in order to get cotton or linen suits in stores for everyone to try on, you need to buy them in the Spring/Summer season (even if your wedding is in Fall/Winter).

What do you think, is it a bad idea to buy wedding suits 8 months in advance? Is there too much risk for my overall wedding style to change, or people's (especially kid's) sizes to change? I really need some help here!