Should'a, Could'a, Would'a :: Stripes

I swear, I look at weddings now and just think, "I really should have gone with my gut on that one!" Stripes is a perfect example. I had all the ideas lined up, but just like those games you play when you are little where you find the thing that doesn't belong, stripes was the odd man out in my equation. It just didn't work. But looking back, it could have worked, and I should have fought myself a little harder, gotten a little further out of my confort zone and looked a little more at HOW it could have worked. These are the little tidbits when you have your 20/20 vision looking behind. I knew I loved the look, and it is something I should have investigated a little more. Even though you don't see tons of photos of something doesn't mean it doesn't work, and if you just spread a little creativity, you might discover some awesome ideas in the back of your mind that lead to an incredibly good looking piece of decor.

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Oh well, there are tons of other places to use stripes, right? My closet is inundated with them, and every wall in my house has the potential to become them. And I just love it.

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These stripes stole my heart this time around, what is stealing your heart at the moment?