Honeymoon Shopping..

With our wedding just over a month away I am getting pretty darn excited about our honeymoon!  Two days after our wedding we're going to Antigua, and I can't wait!  Neither of us have ever been to the Caribbean, and since it's finally starting to feel like winter around here  a tropical getaway sounds perfect.   I mean look at this, can you blame me?  I can't wait to be on vacation with my husband (whoa, 'husband'!)!

Now, this brings up a very important wedding task: shopping for honeymoon clothes!   I always like to do a little shopping before any vacation, a few new outfits for the honeymoon are a must in my opinion!

 Swimsuits: I tend to buy a new bathing suit every summer, I can't help it!   J. Crew is definitely a go-to spot for pretty swimsuits. I love their simple, but stylish suits.


 I love this next swimsuit, a little reto & fun.

 Hats: I have never been big on straw hats for just any old beach trip - but I feel like they seem just perfect and super chic for honeymoon beachwear!

Dresses:  I am looking forward to our relaxing (and delicious!) dinners, maybe even one on the beach!  Our resort has 11 restaurants, so obviously I'll need a few new summery dresses for these dinners.  I love this striped maxi dress, it seems casual and very beach-appropriate.

I recently read an article here that says packing in a specific color scheme for your honeymoon makes things easy, so you can just mix and match most outfits.  I thought it was a pretty good tip!  I always like blue, so I might try to keep most items in the blue color family.  Although a LBD couldn't hurt, and still matches everything!

And of course a cute cover-up (or two) is always fun.  I like these two a lot.

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Are you doing any honeymoon shopping?  I would love to know where you're going on your honeymoon, and what you're packing!