Honey Cutie Love Inspiration

Happy (day after) Valentine’s Day everyone! We have about 7 months until the wedding so, while we’ve knocked a lot of big things off our list, we haven’t really tackled the little decorative elements yet. That said, there is one decoration that we bought months ago because we were so in love with it and couldn’t pass it up: our cake topper.

Dan and I are suckers for pet names and nick names and rarely call each other by our given names. Our most frequently used pet name is Honey Bunny…which has been shortened over the years to Hun and Bun. As you can imagine, when we saw this PERFECT honey bunny cake topper, we had to have it! (Better yet, its actually a ring holder from Urban Outfitters and was incredibly reasonably priced!)

Source: Cake Topper

I love the idea of incorporating little pet names in to our décor. We plan on having a “honey bunny” cocktail as one of our signature cocktails. But that got me thinking about all the adorable accents you could add inspired by the pet names you call each other. I have to admit, I might have had a little too much fun putting this post together—there are so many cute things out there that fit so perfectly!

Honey Bunny: You can do a lot with this, especially if you run with the idea of “honey” as it can go so many ways.

Sources: Honey, Earrings, Invitation, Cocktail, Teal Bunny, Rings, Dresses, Thank You, I Love You, Chair, Necklace

Love Bug: I couldn’t believe how much cute stuff I found! So chic too!

Sources: Hairpiece, Roses, Invitation, Butterflies, Cuff Link, Table Numbers, Save the Date, Stickers, Cupcakes

Cutie Pie (or Sweetie Pie): This one might be a bit more obvious, but certainly no less adorable.

Sources: Pie Pop, Cutie Pie, Mini Pies, To-Go Box, Sweet as Pie

Any other cute pet-named themed décor plans out there?