Wedding Programs: Word for Word or General Outline?

My next to-do is coming up with ideas for our weddding programs.  We put together a ceremony that I love - but I'm not entirely sold on printing it word for word in our programs.  I have seen some adorable wedding programs on various blogs that give you the general outline of the ceremony, but don't spell every word out.  Our ceremony will be short, about 20-25 minutes total, so I don't feel like our guests will feel lost without the words.  But I'd like to hear your opinions!  Is it odd to just do a fun outline of the ceremony?  I feel it's more us, and I could always print up our ceremony & get it framed if I really wanted to.  Here are a few I have seen, so you have an idea of what I mean!  And, if we decided to tweak any wording at the last minute - no one would even know!

 This is my favorite so far.  It seems casual & cute - not to mention funny!

 Specific events will be detailed, so guests won't miss the important information.

Obviously a cute box or basket is important for holding the programs, no matter what they say!

If we had more time I would love to have done something like this - personalized drawings of the wedding party - love it!

Poster-size is always a fun option too, this one is pretty cute.

If we did print the whole ceremony we could still have a sweet & fun message on the cover like this pretty program.

I love the simplicity of this one.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6, 7

What do you think?  Will guests feel out of the loop if they can't follow along?  Does a general outline get the job done? I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Also, if you have any last minute advice I'd love to hear it, we're under two months now and I'm frantically checking all our checklists for things we may have missed!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you're all doing something fun to celebrate :)