Sweet Tooth

Like Kate, the cake wasn't something that I really thought about when starting the wedding planning. I knew that I didn't want something crazy and over the top, and I knew that I wanted to give my guests choice of flavor- there is nothing worse than going to a wedding and being stuck with a crazy flavor of cake that you don't like! I am very luck to have a talented sister & soon to be sister in law who both have made wedding cakes before; I know I am in good hands. So... I think I have decided that we will be having wedding cake(s) and cupcakes.

top left; right; bottom left; right

As you can see, I LOVE the ruffled, easy look (and just had to include the awesome sprinkle cake!). I also don't want a lot of height, I think I want 2 one layer cakes and one 2 layer cake (that is a bit confusing..) on different height cake stands. All of these are a bit more than I am going for, but you get the idea.

left, middle, right

As for the cupcakes, there is a plan in the works to use them as favors, table numbers, and seat cards all in one- but we need to think of about 10 flavors! So that is where I need you- what flavor is your favorite?!?

left; right