Lovely Love-Themed Posters

We all know and love Pinterest for amazing wedding ideas and inspiration. But lately, I’ve been getting some non-wedding inspiration from Pinterest and it has helped me take a big leap in life. Recently, I decided to leave my job in advertising to pursue a longtime passion for interior design. Leaving a world you know to try something new is definitely a risky decision, but sometimes in life you need to take a leap of faith. And these (beautifully designed) quotes are great reminders of that whenever I started to doubt myself. I wanted to share these with you all in case they might help you take your own leap of faith (even if that simply means getting the over-the-top statement necklace for your dress that you’ve been fantasizing about but aren't sure if it's too much)—plus they are just so darn gorgeous!

Sources: Passion, Daydream, Believe

Ogling over these posters got me thinking about ways to incorporate that typographic look into the wedding. There are so many pretty posters with sweet, love-themed typographic designs. I could totally see putting these in pretty frames on tables, or hanging from ribbon from trees. Or, what about printing something extra large as a photobooth or ceremony backdrop?

Sources: Forever, We Fit, So Glad, Cup of Tea, Love Life

The best part – after the wedding, you can use them to decorate your house! What a cute keepsake from your wedding day!

Sources: Eat Drink, Keep Calm, Best Day Ever 

Anyone else using typography as part of their wedding décor? I’m not sure where I could incorporate this in our venue so ideas are welcome!