The Registry Conundrum

Our registry was one of the first things Dan and I did while wedding planning. Why, you ask? Because Dan was far away and it was something that we could do together online. So, we picked out our china, towels, blenders, & bedspreads without seeing them in person (or getting to go crazy with the fun scanner gun!) And later I went to the stores to make sure I still liked it. I did, and now when I want to go shopping, I just add things to the registry!

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So, to my first question. What is something that you wished you put on your registry, but didn't? What are things that you love that you got from the registry? Or, what is something you thought was imperative and now just takes up space in a closet? We have most of the basics on the list, but would love some more input! We have never lived together, so we don't have much (I have pretty much always lived as a college student, & Dan in barracks). And the second question... all of the websites say to have double the amount of gifts on the registry as you have guests. But that is A LOT of gifts... our wedding is fairly big. Did you always have items on your registry? What happened when it started to run low?


And the most important question of all, did you have a gift table? A card basket, birdcage or mailbox? How did you incorporate the gift table into your wedding decor?

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