Wedding Hair Bliss {in Beverly Hills}

At this point in my planning I have been attempting to lock down a photographer, DJ/band, and florist. After a lot of time and effort focusing on those things I decided to take a well-deserved break. And what better way to reward yourself than going to the salon. My dear friend, Ashley, is also my hairstylist of 5 years and the artistic director at Kenworthy Salon. When I came in to Kenworthy to get my color done recently, she and I were just chatting about wedding hairstyles and thought it would be fun to start playing with my hair to get some ideas.  (She too is getting married this year!)

Here are some Tips from Beverly Hills Stylist Ashley Bostrom on how to prepare for your hair trial:
  1. The best way to prep for your bridal hair trail is to have your hair shampooed and dried the day before your appt. This makes your hair more manageable to mold into your desired style.
  2. Be sure to bring pictures of your favorite looks and accessories, so this way you have a better idea of how your hair will look the day of.
  3. Also another great idea is to bring a camera and have your stylist take a picture of your favorite look. Be sure to start your hair and makeup trails at least 4 months before your wedding, to alleviate stress and to make sure your favorite stylist is available for your big day!!
I also thought it would be a good idea to wear white; whether that be a white tank top, tube top, or even a cream shawl.... anything that will help you visualize how you'll look on your wedding day. I made sure to do my make up clean and natural too. Here are some photos of celebrities that we used for inspiration.... and photos of the beautiful work Ashley did on my hair :)




 My favorite part about this whole experience is that there was no pressure... kind of like when I found my dress! I was relaxed, had no expectations, and most of all I had fun! Ashley and I are going to do one more hair trial in a few months, but I think I already have a favorite out of this bunch.... do you? I'd love to hear your feedback!

Have you had your hair trial yet? Do you have any extra tips you'd like to share?

Oh, and if you live in southern California and you're looking for a phenomenal hairstylist for your bridal hair, I think you know who's at the top of my list of recommendations ;)