Long Distance Love

Madeline: Virginia Military Bride. That how this blog defines me. Virginia is where I grew up, where Dan and I met, and where our wedding will take place. A military bride is something that I thought that I would never be. When I dreamt of planning my wedding as a child, it was never with my future husband 7,000 miles away. But while the Marines took Dan so far away, they also brought us together and help us to realize that every moment together is special. So how do you plan a wedding on different continents? Like this:

Bridesmaid dress shopping! And how do you keep your relationship going when you're so far away? Like this:

Date night!

 And how do I know that being a future Marine wife means being a part of a big family? Because of these guys:

They moved all of my stuff out of one house and into another. In one day!

And how do I know that it will all be worth it in the end? Because of things like this:

My future husband may be halfway around the world, but he still makes me feel loved : )And that is saying something. Yes, some days it is hard. Some days every song that comes on the radio makes me want to cry. Some days, it feels like forever until Dan will be back. But I have amazing friends and family who tell me it will be ok. And I know there are many military brides out there that have it far worse than I do. Yes, Dan is far away. Yes, I miss him every single minute. But he is not deployed to a combat zone. I know that he is generally safe, and I can talk to him on a regular basis. So, to all of you girlfriends, brides, wives, families, and friends of those in harm's way- you are amazing. And here is a hug.



What about you? Are you a military or long distance bride, wife, or girlfriend? How do you get through the hard times? Let me know in the comments!