Up, Up, & Away

Generally, when I think of decorating with balloons, things like this come to mind: left; right

While some people have this in mind for their wedding, to me balloons scream birthday party or a quick decorating idea. Until I saw the, now very popular, big round balloons.

clockwise from top left: 1; 2; 3; 4

I LOVE them! I think they are whimsical and fun, yet still very modern. I would love to use them as a ceremony backdrop. However, how does one transport them? And have enough helium to blow them up? Does it cost a fortune? I think that they would make a great statement at the wedding and make for some very fun wedding photos! Does anyone have any experience with these giant (about 3 feet in diameter!) balloons? Or have any other great ideas on where to use them in the wedding?