Signature Drinks!

Next up on our to-do list is to pick, and name, our signature drink.  I love signature drinks at weddings, whether they have adorable names that tie in the wedding theme, simply just pull the wedding colors into a colorful cocktail, or are just downright delicious.  I think they definitely add a personal touch to the cocktail hour and reception.  There a few important factors that I think we'll consider when picking a drink. Color.  My fiance suggested we pick Arnold Palmer's as our signature drink, and while I love lemonade + ice tea -  I don't love the idea of a brown cocktail as our signature drink (sorry babe!)  Our wedding colors are grey, lemon, sage green, ivory and pale pink (more of a theme than a set color scheme)  so we have a lot of choices.  A pale yellow or pink drink with berries would be just the right touch of color.

Name.  Let's be honest - everybody loves a drink with a cute name.  The Bees Knees, Love is in the Air, Sealed with a Kiss, Blushing Bride, Love Potion, etc.  I want to come up with something creative, but not too over the top cheesy.

Drink Flags or Stirrers.  Who knew there could be so many cute ways to accessorize drinks?  Drink flags, unique stirrers, garnish them with herbs or fruit.  There are a ton of possibilities out there.  I'm partial to a cute drink flag,  I may have to DIY some cute ribbon flags.


Taste.  Aesthetics are important, but  no one will drink a signature drink if it doesn't taste good.  You want something that tastes good, but isn't over powering - sorry no whiskey on the rocks here.  Everything always tastes better with champagne, so maybe the easy way is to pick a champagne drink of some sort.  Or something tasty like this peach collins - yum!

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Anyone have a great drink suggestion?  Do you normally try the signature drink at weddings?  I feel like it's just a little extra detail, but could really add some personality with a quirky name and cute sign.  I'd love to hear what you think!