Floral Inspiration Brought to Life

You may remember this post from a few weeks ago, as I was pulling together inspiration for our meeting with the florist. Well, we recently had our first floral meeting and I could not be more inspired. I took my mom along with me (Dan had no interest in accompanying us) and I arrived prepared with photos of my inspiration, a bag full of possible items to incorporate into the centerpieces, and of course, my laptop and camera. We arrived at our appointment and filled out the necessary paper work. I was so nervous the owner was going to throw me out of there for trying to design the flowers without having chose bridesmaids dresses or even having an established color scheme. I explained to her that I had more of a clear vision of what I want for flowers than for the dresses. The owner, obviously a lover of flowers herself, completely understood my thought process and was happy to see my vision.


one, two, three, four

I showed her the photos I brought and she immediately got my vision. Hold on, she said. I'll be right back. She was gone for a good 15 minutes, then came back with this and I nearly cried.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

I cannot believe how perfectly she executed my vision.

Blush pink and ivory roses, a couple of perfect peonies and just a hint of green. She put the entire bouquet together and wrapped it with a champagne ribbon. Blush pink, ivory and champagne? We found the perfect color palette! Then she explained that this bouquet is for my girls. She will come up with something with more pink for my bouquet and will prepare sample centerpieces for our next meeting. Then, as if things could not get any better, as we were wrapping up our meeting, she handed me the bouquet. Here, I made it for you. You love it so much you have to keep it. Go home and put it in some water. I was in heaven.

Inspiration, actual

I think I actually like my bouquet better : )