Do Me a Favor! {Homemade Wedding Favors}

First of all, an update on an old post of mine. We found our videographer!! We're very excited to be working with Matt Cross Productions to film our wedding day. If the name sounds familiar, you're right, he also did the bang up job of editing Allison's romantic wedding video! Moving on... How was your New Years? Great I hope! Oh, ours? Well, we spent it grating 45 lemons. Yes. Grating. 45. @!$%#&$. Lemons.

Why 45 lemons? Because we're making limoncello for our wedding favors of course! For the last couple of years, my mom and I have made limoncello from the organic Meyer lemons she grows in her garden. So, when thinking about the perfect homemade, eco-friendly wedding favor, this was an obvious choice! My mom has spent the last year tending to her trees and producing 45 beautiful lemons that Kyle and I brought home with us over the holidays.

I was so excited to have found the PERFECT swing-top recycled glass bottles, but then Captain Obvious told me that people who are flying in for the wedding may not be able to bring those favors home, since the bottles were over 3 ounces. (Shouldn't that just mean more for me?) So now I'm back to square one with the bottles, but at least I have another 80 days to sort that out.


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There are SO MANY fantastic homemade favors that people can do! One thing I've seen a lot of lately (and loved a lot too) is homemade jams. (left, right, bottom)


I also love these birdseed hearts! (left, right)


And usable (at the wedding) and reusable (at home) personalized mason jars. (left, right)

Or there are tons of other favors that aren't exactly homemade, but super fun, and something your guests would use in the future! (left, right)


What are you doing for your wedding favors? What was the most memorable wedding favor you ever received?