Happy Wedding Year!

Dan and me at a New Year's Wedding

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2011 has flown by so fast! A lot has happened this year- I became engaged, earned a Master's degree, and have my first real job. But the best thing about 2011 being over is that Dan is halfway through his time in Korea!! In about 5 more months, I will have him home and in about 9 he will be my husband. Being only 9 months from the wedding is crazy, and means that my New Year's Resolution is this: start (and finish!) all of the DIY projects that I want to do for my wedding! So, if I share them with you, you promise to make me do them, right? Here is the list:

1. Lanterns

I want to do white lanterns in our tent. I love the look and the glow of them. But instead of just paper lanterns, I want to do different textures, like coffee filter lanterns, doily lanterns, and balloons. I also want to DIY a "light installation" centerpiece for over the dance floor.

coffee filter, bunch, balloon, doily

Instead of just having the lanterns hanging randomly around the tent, they will be in a certain pattern, so I should be able to calculate exactly how many I need. And then I need to make LED lights to light them! Hopefully, this is the biggest project on the list.

2. Cake and Cupcake Stands

Cake stands are expensive! I plan to have a few one layer cakes and cupcakes, so that adds up. I want them to be presented nicely, so I am going to DIY stands. This way, they are exactly what I want, and much less expensive!


3. Photo Booth

The photo booth craze is amazing! I think I have figured out what I want... just need to execute!


Other projects on the list: wood table runners, programs, direction signs, & escort card displays. What do you want to see me DIY? Hopefully my ups and downs can make things smoother for you! One project a month is my goal- and I will show you the results.