To Cover-Up or Not To Cover-Up?

Being a March bride it's really difficult to plan for the weather, since we're really riding the line between winter and spring.  It's possible we could get a freak warm day, since we're having such weird weather on the East Coast this winter.   But who knows, maybe we'll get a late snowstorm!  We decided our ceremony will definitely be inside, since we didn't want to make any last minute decisions like our venue said we could.  But it couldn't hurt to be prepared with a cute cover-up for our outside pictures before the ceremony, right?  I really love colorful cardigans as cover-ups, it just seems so fun and casual - which is exactly the vibe I would like to achieve.

Although BHLDN has some really pretty boleros and cardigans that are slightly dressier.

Even the idea of a winter jacket and scarf like the gorgeous pictures below appeal to me.  A little snow on the wedding day could make for some great pictures, as long as it doesn't mess up anyone's travel!

I am not a faux fur wearer, but it does look classy sometimes.  I'm just not sure it's really me, though I do like these goofy trapper hats.

Even mittens can look adorable when done right.

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Winter brides, did you feel the need to buy a cover up?  Does it take away from the dress?  Any other March brides out there?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!