You Can Wear It Again, I Swear {Bridesmaids Dresses}

I have not even started looking at bridesmaids dresses with my maids. That time will come soon enough. In the meantime I have been searching for inspiration. I don't have a image in my mind of what I want them to look like, as I did my own gown, however I have been drawn to images like these:

Photo Credit: H&M, JCrew StyleMePretty

Yellow Dresses Photo Credit: Stephanie Williams

Grey Dresses Photo Credit: Jill Thomas, Navy Dresses Photo Credit: BestArticles

One thing is for sure; I want my bridesmaids to look awesome! I have beautiful friends, and I want them (all 8 of them!) to feel confident and comfortable standing by my side on my big day. The one challenge I see in my future is finding affordable dresses for my girls. Any advice on where to shop?

If you haven't seen "27 Dresses" with Katherine Heigl, then rent it. They make a big joke about how brides always promise their maids that they'll love the dress she picked out and that they'll 'totally wear it again.' Well, most of the time this is a joke; most ladies never wear the dress again after dropping $150 or more. The only time I ever reused a bridesmaid dress was with the chocolate brown Vera Wang dress I wore at my dear friend, Katie's wedding. I removed the straps, had a rhinestone broach sewn on the front and rocked it again to a black tie wedding 2 years later, and I got TONS of compliments on it! Hahahaha.... if they only knew ;-)

Have you ever reused a bridesmaids dress? Please, do tell!