{Reception Music} Band vs. DJ

I love music. I love music so much it gives me chills or brings me to tears or makes me dance like an idiot. It's because of my love of music that I REALLY want a band at our wedding. One of our first nights together as a newly engaged couple was spent with me playing Kyle song after song after song (over many painstaking hours for him) and planning out our entire wedding playlist.

We love the good old American Crooners like Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Dean Martin. We also love Ray Charles. All of this music involves several musicians and horns. Beautiful, loud horns. I can't tell you how many venues we had to pass up because they didn't allow horns! One of the major reasons we ended up picking the Headlands Center for the Arts as our venue was because they didn't have any restrictions on the music - a very rare thing around here apparently!

We've spent the last few months driving around to hear various bands perform and see if they would be the right fit for our wedding dreams. It's been tons of fun, but I've become a little paranoid that no one will dance, or the singer will be horrible, or the band will be boring. And, above all else... I've realized how desperately we need to take dance lessons.

So, I keep questioning my decision to have a band. A band can bring you back in time and really liven up the room. Who doesn't love a live show after all? But with a DJ, you can pick any music you want and change it as you go if you need to pick it up a bit! Plus you can do fun things like Allison did, and have your guests make hilarious song requests.


I was also thinking about getting a vintage record player and laying out a bunch of vinyls for people to pick and choose what they wanted to listen to. Maybe during the cocktail hour?

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What are you doing for your reception music?  Have you been to a wedding with a band?  Or is a DJ the way to go?