Suits vs Tuxes

As we get closer to the wedding (less then 4 months!) we really need to figure out the suit vs. tux situation.  We recently took a trip to Mens Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank  to check out their suit & tux selections.  We're thinking of having all the groomsmen in darker grey suits, and then Tim would be in a lighter grey.  But we're still torn on whether to ask them to each groomsmen tp purchase a suit (we did find some good deals - so the suits would be $200 or a little less) or just have them rent tuxes.   There is not a large selection at all for grey tuxes, in fact there was just one style available and neither of us loved it (it had a weird pattern!)

I also like different ties & shirts to show some personality.

Another option is to have the groomsmen rent black tuxes.  We thought having all the groomsmen (and our dads!) in black tuxes with skinny black ties would look really classy, with Tim in a contrasting light grey.

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My issue with tuxes is that they can't be altered to fit each person, and I find them to be a bit boxy.  Has your groom decided what he's wearing?  Where did he & his groomsmen get their wedding attire?    Did you go with a large retail store, or a smaller shop?  Anyone out there with a good tux rental story?  I'd love to hear about it!