{Sponsored Post} Wedding Websites by Purpinka Designs

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that Ian and I had a wedding website. Well, we did. Ian is a developer turned designer, so he knows how to do everything....and believe me, I take advantage of that just a little bit! He designed our invitations (no photos of those :( they were pretty badass though. I'll have to pull out the camera and snap some pics!) and I wasn't a fan of the traditional RSVP card. Having to pay double postage plus all stationary costs, I just wasn't feeling it.

I don't see anything wrong with a wedding site as the only way to RSVP. People tend to lose the card and might not send it back in time or could lose the invite and therefore all the info about the wedding. The website had links to hotels, our registry, and a little RSVP form. Between e-mail and Facebook, it is way too easy to share the link to people that may have forgotten about it.

All this jabber is to inform you that I loved having a site, and it saved us a little bit of money too, which is always appreciated during the wedding process. This is where Purpinka Designs comes in! This is a wedding website design company that is here to help you with your design needs. Unlike other wedding website companies, they are there to actually talk to and help get everything on the site running smoothly.

They have a selection of designed themes, including photo and video galleries:

But the best part, the RSVP tool they have on their site to make your life just a little bit easier. You are able to log and see a lot of information including the RSVP's, their meal selections, etc. Believe me, an online resource where everything is in one place, that is an incredibly useful tool for anyone planning a wedding.

Want a little something for free? Download their free e-book "11 Ideas You Never Thought of to Show Case Your Wedding Photos (hint: it’s NOT the same boring photo albums, shirts, and mugs stuff)! If you want to enter the giveaway, go ahead and do that as well!

And if you are a wedding vendor looking for more information about Purpinka Designs, they are currently working on an affiliates program (watch the video for more info too). So be sure to contact them to find out how you can all work together and make it a win-win for everyone!