Say Cheese!

Banana-Republic2 Weddings are the perfect place for picture opportunities -- and not just for the bride and groom. Some of the most fun weddings I've been to have had a photo booth. Maybe it's the props, maybe it's the nostalgia of being around good friends and loving family or maybe it's the open bar, but whatever the case, photo booths are a blast.

In addition to taking our wedding photos, our photographer, Erin Ashford, will be setting up a smile booth for our guests during the reception. It is up to Tyler and I on how we want it to look. We're definitely wanting to do a "setting" of some sorts, but it will be another thing to add on the D-I-Y list!

Here are some fun photos I found on my inspiration search for our smile booth set.

Banana-Republic3Oh Happy Day

Weddings By Color

Scott Langley Photography 

Have any of you done/been to a wedding with a photo/smile booth? What did you think?

PS: My bottle crafting has taken a little bit longer than expected so I will post part 2 when I am done!

Have a lovely weekend!