Dress Diaries: {Whimsical vs. Romantic} Sleeping On It

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I am a very methodical planner; I don’t make a lot of “gut decisions”. I consider my options, weigh them, make pros and cons lists….and then decide. My dress shopping experience has not been any different (as annoying as this has probably been to my mom and bridesmaids!)

A few weeks back, I found a fantastic dress, it had everything I wanted. But with this being such a big decision, I wanted to sleep on it. This past Friday, we went dress shopping again with the plan being to either solidify my love for the first dress, or to beat it.

Unexpectedly, I found another fantastic contender and now cannot decide between the two! I’m obviously not going to post them here (my fiancé reads these posts), but I’ve made some style boards that demonstrate the feeling of each dress.

One is whimsical and flowy…

Sources: Couple, Dining, Flowy, Bunting, Dress, Bridesmaids

The other is vintage and romantic…

Sources: Bouquet, Feathers, Kiss, Flowers, Vintage Belt, Outdoor Dining

As my wonderful MOH said, there are worse problems to have. Brides out there – how did you decide on your perfect dress?

I’ve also seen some gorgeous dresses online and on Etsy. Has anyone bought a dress online without trying it on first?

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