Favors, Yay or Nay?

I'm so torn on what we should do for wedding favors, or if we should have them at all.  On one hand it's always fun to get them at a wedding- especially edible favors!  On the hand, does anyone really notice if they are missing?  Or, would it be better to do a charitable donation rather than spend money on a favor?  A few ideas we have had are succulents (in keeping with our rustic theme), coffee in small burlap bags (from the amazing coffee shop we went to in Savannah the day after we got engaged, points for being sentimental?), or DIY s'mores bags (because who doesn't love s'mores!).

Plus it would be a shame to waste these adorable tags I bought! :)

 Future or past brides, help me out!  What have you done, or what are you doing for your wedding?

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