{Real Brides} Taya Asimos :: Chic Hollywood Glam Bride

Name:  Taya Asimos
 Location:  Hotel Maya, Long Beach, CA
 Budget:   As Chic & Cheap as possible
 Age:   30
 Occupation:  Realtor & TV Host
 Wedding Date:  November 4, 2012
 Venue: Hotel Maya
 Planner: Linda duPlaine Gray
Photographer: Lori Shepler

About Me: I'm a San Francisco Bay Area Native. I've lived in Los Angeles for 5 years now, and plan to grow old here with my soon to be husband Vinnie, our two dogs; Lola & Carmine.... and our future children.

Random things to know about me: I love to look like a million bucks, but only spend $50. I'm a girly girl. I'm decisive. I love oldies music; everything from Frank Sinatra, to Elvis, the Temptations, Supremes... fast forward to the 70's/80s-  Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, tons of Disco, Madonna, etc. Ok, so I love good music ;-) I'm half Greek, half Scotch-Irish. I'm a great cook. I love dining at great restaurants (that includes secret hole-the-wall places). I have awesome girl-friends. I have a cool brother named Christopher. My new found love is the Martha Stewart 'everyday recipe' app. I have 8 bridesmaids. I love making my own work schedule and being my own boss.

Wedding Style: Southern California Mid-Century Chic, with DIY romantic and personal touches... and a little bit of Old Hollywood Glam.