A Family Affair

With Thanksgiving literally just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about incorporating family in to the wedding. I’m a firm believer that, while the wedding is about Dan and me, it is also very much about celebrating the people who got us here. If not for their love and support, we might not be standing up there together.

Because of that, we really want to do a lot to incorporate our family and friends in to the wedding. Here are some ideas that we are doing. Anyone have other unique ideas on how to bring family in to the wedding?

Display family photos. I love the look of displaying photos of grandparent’ or parents’ weddings. Such a great tribute and a pretty, vintage design touch.

Display engagement cards. Lots of people string photos up, but why not display your engagement cards?! I have a basket of beautiful and colorful cards all with the theme of love and celebration. Perfect!

Incorporate meaningful items. My mom still has her wedding dress from her (first) wedding and, while the dress might not be my style, she had a gorgeous cathedral veil with lace appliqué. Get the veil recut or dyed to match your dress and have the perfect “something borrowed”.

Can’t find a way to make it work in your look? How about somehow in the ceremony or decor? We’re thinking of using my mom’s veil for the chuppah. Here are some other gorgeous and personalized chuppahs, quilted with fabric from family heirlooms or signed by friends.

Have them officiate! We are having my uncle and one of our dearest friends split the officiate duties. Talk about a personal ceremony!