Bride Inspiration :: Gold, Blush, Ivory + A Little Bit Of Vintage

Today's post is all about real wedding inspiration.  A lovely bride getting married in November reached out for some last minute detail ideas. The color palette is one we have seen just a few times in our days....blush pink, ivory, gold and vintage. :) So, how do you take something and give it a new twist. I have put together a mini-board that doesn't really look quite like you would expect for the color palette given. But I came stocked with plenty of ideas.

First off, this INSANELY awesome letter crate really can't do any wrong. Vintage: CHECK. Gold stand alone table numbers. Gold: CHECK. Simple vintage napkins with menus or tags adds a small detail that won't be overlooked by any guest.

And that's the key. Knowing what small details will and won't make a difference in the overall look.

Stir sticks are a total must for me. TOTAL. And lastly, some lovely escort inspiration complete with a frame and some lace.

Credit, Credit, Credit, Credit, Credit

Can't wait to see this lovely inspiration come to life in Florida in November! Oh, and BT-dubs, this bride received this lovely little package in her inbox just because she e-mailed me asking for a little bit of help! Want the same? it's simple, just send me an e-mail and let me know what you need help with!