Ribboned Wall vs. Ribbon Ceiling + Inspired Collective Plans

I am busy these days looking for the perfect details to fill Inspired Collective and make it just dazzle. I have two obsessions at the moment. The first is to create a badass ceiling installment for the shop to everything come together. The second is to pretty up a some wall space and really get the attention of walkers-by. Part of the issue there is that I also have quite a bit of furniture in the shop right now, and though I am trying to sell some pieces off, I do need some of them to stick with me!

So, here is the inspiration. Ribbon Walls. yep, yep! I know, yet again totally late on the chain, but this is the first time I have been able to use this inspiration to my advantage. And I am just dying to do it.


I could take the time and effort to ribbon the entire ceiling and hang some market lights and things, followed by a big chandelier.


The second option is obviously to use the ribbon and make a wall. I have a space that I sort of need to do something with and a ribbon wall would be perfecto! Obvi I can't do both though :) Talk about over-kill!


Credit, Credit

So here is the dilemma....

Ribbon is DAMN EXPENSIVE! So to do either of these two ideas would literally cost hundreds of dollars. :( No fun. So if anyone has any really awesome resources for finding ribbon on the cheap, I am definitely all ears to recommendations. The other option is fabric pieces. But I guess either way I look at it I can expect to be paying out a bit of dough to create the awesomeness that I want for the shop!

Any suggestions, ideas, resources etc. that anyone wants to bestow?