5 years ago...

5 years ago this boy and I decided to make things official and take the step as a "couple". He has made me the happiest girl in the world these past 5 years and has always believed in me and supported me through everything (I can't even tell you the number of websites he has built for me. He's a trooper, I'll tell you that!) The sheer truth is that this love dates back far more than 5 years for me, and in fact was planning our wedding far before I should have. It would be creepy and weird if we didn't end up together, but since we did it is cute story now. I fell in love with him when we were both so young, and it took time to get us both on the same page, but I never gave up hope and knew that one day we would end up together.

The day we decided to go for it I just knew that there was no one else, he was all I needed. And I knew this was finally it and one day I would be his wife.

Just before our 5 year anniversary, and almost 10 years after our first kiss, we exchanged vows tied the knot. This was the best day of my life overwhelmed with a million emotions but always knowing that he was right there beside me and would be forever more!

I love this man

Happy Anniversary HB!