Opening Up The Doors

It is time to finally announce some big news. But stay-tuned because though this is totally awesome, this isn't all of it! More will be coming in just a few weeks :)

Engaged & Inspired is opening up the doors and taking the plunge into the awesomeness that is opening a store front! The location: Downtown Campbell, CA in the South Bay. Oh, and please don't think this is some luxurious space bigger than my house...because it isn't. I'm stocked to start out small and watch the whole process unfold in front of my very eyes. Right now, I am just happy to decorate 400 square feet of awesomeness in a quaint downtown building!

I couldn't be more excited because I have been dreaming about this day for years and years. Finally, I can say that I own a little shop that of course I plan to deck out like crazy and continue to help brides like never ever before!

Of course I am crazy as can be about creating the most perfect and most comfortable working space possible. Gone are the days working from my bed (although it is rather comfy!) or from a coffee shop. Aside from that, I will have a space set up for brides to sit down and peruse the blog, The Inspired List, other vendor portfolios, and shop it up with some bad ass wedding day accessories!

Here is a tour through the inspiration of the shop I plan to create:

Desk space is going to be absolutely-freakin-lutely vital for me! I am creating a space I will never ever want to leave.

As far as paint colors I am thinking of wallpapering two walls, having one cream wall and having a statement wall featuring a robin's egg blue kind of color! Thoughts?

Currently we have some brilliant collections we will be displaying in the shop such as Wedding Chicks Totes, Garter Girl Garters, Lo Boheme Hair Accessories, and many many more that will be announced shortly!

Lots of eye candy from the vendors and shop items will make the walls drool-worthy.  You can also expect lots of brilliant retail displays to get all those must-have wedding accessories for yourself!

Brides will need a place to sit and have vendor meetings, or to sit and create inspiration boards, DIY projects and the like. The most inspiring seating is, of course, totally necessary.

I'll end off this big fat announcement and sneak peak at the office awesomeness that I plan to create with the idea for a massive ceiling installment taking up far too much of the ceiling space.

Brides wouldn't feel comfortable without yummy eats, sweet treats, and yum yum drinks! And of course no purchase is complete without wonderful branding to take away with you. Those little additions are being designed as we speak for our amazing grand opening!

Door will be opening in the second week of September!

INTERESTED IN TAKING PART? In the meantime we are still totally interested in filling up the vendor roster with great Bay Area vendors who need a space to display work, hold meetings, etc. E-mail me for more info!

And if you have a collection you think would fit perfectly in our little downtown wedding spot, e-mail me.