Crafty Little Wedding Inspiration

Hugely massively (I'm sure I made up at least one of those words) exciting things are happening right now. Engaged & Inspired was already heading to all new heights of awesomeness with the launch of our newly-designed site, but things just got a whole. lot. better! The good news is that everything will be announced within the next month, and if you happen to live in or are planning a wedding in the Bay Area, you're freaking lucky right about now! Ok I have made quite the mystery sandwich which I don't really care to do too much, so I'll end it there and roll out all the awesome news soon. I have already talked about our Hand-Crafted section of The Inspired List that is coming soon, and vendors are welcome to apply for that by simply e-mailing for an application. If you have been seeing me around Pinterest recently, I have been up to a few things that I am gathering inspiration for right this very moment. I am on the look out for the best most-crafty weddings as well as some super chic home decorĀ inspirationĀ to mash into one beautiful finished project!

Here is a board I have created, perfect for a summer wedding, and perfect for those with an obsession to DIYing, recliamed wood, and total awesomeness.