Things Are A Changin'

I'm super excited about the post I have for you all a little bit later but due to the lull I thought this would be a perfect time to talk about all the new changes that will be coming very soon!

There are plenty of juicy secrets about our new site including new services and new endeavors. Those I am keeping to myself but in the mean time let's talk about our vendor guide, The Inspired List.

Currently, The Inspired List is an entirely separate site from Engaged & Inspired but that will no longer do! The plan is to make TIL (The Inspired List) a full-fledged part of the Engaged & Inspired site. Now you can click around to find vendors, inspiration, DIYs and much more all in the same place. Along with all of this, we are embarking upon a massive re-design, not only of the blog, but of The Inspired List to create the most user-friendly and pretty site out there.

And that is not all...we have one more announcement up our sleeve. Introducing:

Currently, there are two vendor options for the site, Premium listings and Free listings. These are great and allow any vendor the ability to add their portfolio to the site giving brides choices. But since we know how much brides LOVE recommendations (and for a very good reason!) we are also creating a "hand-crafted" vendor section. This application/approval-based section will feature those that go through the ringer to become one of Engaged & Inspired's top picks. And don't think this is for vendors that pay more, because actually they get a discount for joining this section, but I have worked with enough vendors to know the good from the bad, and every bride deserves to know who the phenom vendors are in every price range.

Vendors: Interested in becoming part of the Hand-Crafted section of The Inspired List? E-mail for an application. Brides: Have a wedding vendor that you could rant and rave about for hours? E-mail your suggestion.