Summertime Wedding on a Budget

Do I have a bright, bold and beyond fun wedding in store today! And all for under $8,000! A bride, Amanda, sent over her wedding for us all to gawk at today. I absolutely love this fun couple and this wedding looked absolutely amazing. The venue, only $1,800, is so fun for a summer-time affair. Check out all Amanda has to say about her big day, and more on the budget breakdown on her blog.  Photography courtesy of Manifique Photography.

I gotta give them major props on this budget breakdown. I can't believe some of the deals and discounts they possibly found to pull off this whole event. So if you thought a totally awesome wedding on a budget wasn't possible, well here is proof!

Breakdown on the budget:

Venue: $1800 Linens: $125 Picture clothesline: $85 Food: $1774 Photographer: $1597 My dress, shoes and accessories: $379 Stan’s attire: $147 Groomsmen attire (five total): $76 Bridesmaids attire (two total): $57 Ring bearers and flower girls attire: $200 Cut flowers: $130 Cupcakes (200): $160 Soda, ice, tubs, lemons/limes, and cups: $236 Beer and wine: $314 Bartender: $305 Guest book: $50 Lollipop favors: $30 Marriage license: $50 Invitations including postage (about 150): $150 Wedding video: $100 Misc stuff (only because I have several mysterious Target and Joann’s purchases that I’m sure were wedding related): $100

Grand total: $7865