{Inspiration} Garden Chic Tea Party

My most favorite thing is getting e-mails from brides about design and details. This one came from Allison (@burlapbride) about a theme for her bridal shower. She was thinking Alice In Wonderand inspired and asked for some suggestions about how to pull off the theme without making it look too corny and little-kid-ish. So here goes nothing! As for the wardrobe, I am still loving every piece of this look from a Michelle March Shoot I featured a while back.

As for the inspiration board, I put together a sort of garden party chic look.

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I love the idea of adding in a variety of pinks from fuchsia to blush as well as some robins egg blue and some other bold color highlights. One detail that shouldn't be overlooked at a tea party is the tea. These heart tea bags are the way to go!

Adding in enough tulle, ribbon, polka dot, and sparkle elements will be the deciding factor on making it whimsical. I tend to lean a little more toward "garden party" because I feel like that this is the one time when a table in the middle of the woods would fit the scene perfectly.

What do you guys think? Any other elements you would think to add to her inspiration board?

Psst: want me to draw up a little something-something for you too? Just e-mail me your thoughts and I will put something together for you!