{Yay or Nay} Tea Length Dresses

The question of the day is would you ever consider ditching the traditional long dresses for a spunky tea length dress? I can't say I didn't consider it, but in the end, tradition won seeing as I was only doing this once. But I see these brides walking out in their bold statement dresses, like this one, and I get that itch for the tea length. Although, to be totally honest, if I was rocking the short, or wanted just a reception dress, I would go with this baby.

Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4

But that is the brilliance of already being married, I can dream up wonderful weddings and beautiful ideas, but I don't have to execute them for a party of 100. (Which is why styled shoots have saved me since the wedding)

Ok your turn. If you are already married, would you consider a vow renewal in a short spunky dress? How about you brides, have any of you ditched tradition and gone with the short?