Creative Escort Card Ideas

The thing I love more than anything is getting e-mails from brides. And luckily for me I get over 15 every day. I love hearing about the plans, the design ideas, the questions and of course the woes. I just hope I can help solve some of these problems that are just part of the planning process! I received an e-mail from a girl looking for escort card ideas. Oh escort cards, my utter favorite things along with table numbers. Why? Because if you get those right, you haven't gotten it all right. To put time and attention into something so small is only a representation of what the whole thing is going to turn out to be. Thus the importance of finding the most awesome thing you can.

Here is what I did:

My dad turned this armoire into the perfect escort card holder by adding those letters and the chicken wire. Not to mention, he carted the thing all the way down to Carmel and back up after the wedding. It now sits in our home holding books and records and awaiting the day when it turns into the armoire of the baby bean.

(PS: The keys, kraft paper tags and clothes pins are all for sale.)

So I guess it is no surprise that I love anything with clothes pins. Srsly, I'm obsessed. So these are all super awesome ways to display those awesome escort cards you have. Something as simple as stamping your initials, adding paper or fabric to them, or anything else simple can add a lot to the look.

Here are a few other ideas. The type writer keys are awesome, and even more awesome if you are doing a type writer guest book! And for those mason jars, I would do something extra which would be putting the name on the front then adding a stir stick to the glass with a little stamped number saying what table. Awesome.

Credit: My escort cards, lace, hearts, clothes pins, door, typewriter, mason jars