Obsessed With Reclaimed Wood

I have a full new obsession. These little box containers made of reclaimed wood are so so amazing that I can't stop looking at them. I actually have purchased a few from a consignment store that I am dying to use in a shoot or somewhere else amazing. I think these are the most amazing ways to display little decor or add little letters to spell out something really cool like "Welcome" or some cute saying.

And my love for reclaimed wood doesn't end there. This little "fork" dispenser is making me jealous. I want it right now! And of course I have always been a fan of the old frame situation. Wow, I didn't realize that this is reclaimed wood love was as strong as it is. And to think, I didn't even add it to my wedding all that much :)

And in the "serious" department I'm still in Chicago. Working away from Michigan Ave. No srsly, I am working, I promise...even if it is scattered with popping into a few stores just to see what's up. I gotta say, this must be what people feel like when they go into castles or museums or something. There is so much to see, these stores have EVERYTHING. We went to a Cubs/Giants game last night. These people know how to party :) I love the intimate feel of this place, like everyone is friends. It's awesome.

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