Bright, Bold and Girly Inspiration :: Not To Mention Some Rambling

Thanks to my open call to brides to ask me anything and engage me in their wedding process as they wish, I have been spending lots and lots more time chatting and meeting with brides. I absolutely love it. That is why I am here afterall, and it is great seeing how I can help them with random pieces of their planning or design. The Lab Event is COMING ALONG! We are releasing one vendor at a time over the next couple of weeks, but the line-up gives me tingles. So much amazingness all in one place, now THAT is going to be worth seeing! Check out our pretty new website and follow along as we reveal more and more!

I have successfully put off a big project all week, which now needs to be done. So the day ahead of me doesn't feel all that inspiring at the moment. But you know what does? Spending the weekend with my husband before he leaves for two weeks, his fam, then my daddy...and doing some more floral work :)

I would be lying if I said I wasn't baby-happy right now. Like beyond. You have no idea the extent of it. I found this image of totally amazing invitations which I completely and utterly plan to facilitate for the baby shower. But talk about bridal shower love too.

My next obsession is those little mini cubbies. OMG I love everything about them. I have purchased SEVERAL already this week, but I want more. I freaking love those, and with those welcome letters. Dying.

Ok enough of my rambling, I'm off to one of my favorite consignment stores, oh ya, then work time.