{Re-Cap} Being Creative With Table Numbers

I absolutely loved so many pieces of my wedding. I loved having my mind and my fingers all over every part of the wedding. It is definitely safe to say I was up to my ears in crafting supplies and DIY projects. One of the things that was an incredibly big deal to me were the table numbers. I thought having good table numbers meant that my attention to detail was all there.

In creating this wedding day I thought of a super original and bright idea of unique table numbers. Unfortunately the concept I drew up and had in my mind was a lot different than what they looked like when they were complete.

In the aftermath of it all I ended up wishing to death that I had done something else. I had my mind on this like crazy (what a weird person I am! I can't seem to give up all this wedding stuff.) Until I had at least proven to myself that I could think of something better, I wouldn't let this one go.

Today, in a fiery of DIYing I had a brilliant idea. I rolled with it for a bit, and after several attempts, I came up with something that I abso-freaking-lutely LOVED! OMG, I can't believe I hadn't thought of this sooner! Despite the fact that I didn't do this at the wedding, I am still very happy to have thought of this wonderful idea and can't wait to use this in an upcoming photo shoot :)

What do you think???