Things That Hang + Some Big News

It's no secret that I love Milkglass Vintage Rentals. I used her for my wedding and met up with her after the fact to catch up, talk weddings, and much more. She showed me this a while ago and finally released the amazingness for everyone to see! I can't seem to get over the amazingness of it all. OMG. I would have died to have something this awesome and extravagant at my wedding!

Credit: Images By Lori

I have also become incredibly obsessed with all things that hang. I think it is a wonderful new way to show things off and create an added experience to a wedding.

Credit: 1, 2

In other news we have something exciting to get you guys all ready for! Tomorrow our wedding will be published. That is right, you can head over to Style Me Pretty for the official release of our wedding photos. :)

And you know what that means....after tomorrow I will dish the dirt, spill the beans and give you all crazy amounts of recaps on the wedding, what I loved, how I did things, where I found things, and even yes, what I would have done differently! In the meantime, head over to our Facebook Page for the final teaser before the wedding is featured! UsĀ embracingĀ the unpredictable weather of Carmel and looking awesome even in the rain!