Super Stylish Bride and a Trailer Video

This wedding is more than just a gorgeous couple and an incredible Melissa Sweet gown (which we will get to, don't worry) it holds so much more meaning to me. I met Kartika almost a year ago when she was at the beginning of the wedding planning process. I referred her to my favorite florist of all time, Floral Theory, simply because I believe in her work like crazy! Because of the fact that I can't keep my hands out of the wedding industry for even a second, Yasmin of Floral Theory allowed me to assist her with this wedding. AKA, my first time ever doing florals. And OMG was it just the best way to spend an afternoon! I very much surprised myself every step of the process, and I created some super fun arrangements (of course at the discretion of Yasmin) which I thought turned out insanely good.

My first look with Kartika was amazing! Honestly, I was so shocked at how absolutely incredible her wardrobe was. I was instantly jealous of her bold move in wearing a short dress, and those shoes with a bold sparkle brooch on them. Talk about swooning like crazy (and I never use that word....ever).

This was such an amazing experience in so many ways. The florals looked amazing, as I knew they would in the hands of Yasmin, and Kartika and Allen put on one heck of a wedding. Here is the trailer video with PLENTY of shots of that incredible look she has going on. OMG. dying over here.

Thanks to Aqua Vivus Productions for this beautiful trailer film. :)