{Fab Decor} Coffee Filter Wedding Inspiration

I so was not aware of the possibilities of coffee filters until now. OMG people can be so darn creative with little round papers meant for the amazingness that is coffee. Dying paper is pretty easy. I used water and coffee and an oven. It was time consuming to say the least, but it became practically second nature after a few months. Anywho, this gave me SO many ideas for future decor. This first shoot is totally incredible. I'm loving every piece of it.

I have recently become really obsessed with hanging fixtures, and these poofy ones are even better than I could have pictured. The lamp was made from coffee filters.

I am always loving bouquet alternatives. I guess because I had 7 bridesmaids and wasn't interested in spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on bouquets for them. I'm telling you, 7 is A LOT! So these are sup awesome paper bouquets that would look so great with some good looking BMs.

Pastel filters? Ummm yes please. All these are so wonderful and would look so great decorating a ceiling every now and again. I love the take on paper pom poms, different, yet the same. Faves! Anything with clothes pins has my vote.

Source, Source, Source, Source

Lastly and most definitely not least, a dress made entirely of coffee filters! OMG.