Inspiring Finds

This shoot is absolutely amazing in so many ways. The concept of black swan/white swan was done perfectly here and all with some very high fashion wedding accents. I'm loving every image of this story. I only picked a few favorites, but check out the rest on Jessica Claire's blog.

I'm really really loving chevron and other bold patterns. I know I am probably late on the chain, but I really don't care. People have told me that since I apparently know how to throw a really good party, I need to have an annual wedding of sorts to reunite everyone.  Obvious not a whole wedding, but a really big party was be lots of fun. If I do that, these are in the running for the best napkins to date. But who knows, I may be preoccupied preparing for ....... a baby. So, we will see.

Lastly, these little cd sleeves gave me a really fun idea for an invitation. I may or may not be preparing an event in which invitations are in order. :) I love the idea of creating a video (I really wanted to do that for the wedding actually, but time was not on our side) and wrapping the CD in twine with some other paper goodies would be just awesome.