Honeymoon Bags

Here is a little tip about honeymooning: let everyone know that you are on your honeymoon! I thought that by now people would be so blah to hearing that, but we actually got quite a few perks. First we walked off the plane with several bottles of champagne and all the first class amenities. In each hotel we scored upgrade after upgrade just because when I booked I wrote "we are on our honeymoon" in the comment box. Then once we were there we would ask for a second upgrade :) It doesn't always work, but it did enough to make it awesome. I was sent this little bag to try out on my Honeymoon and while it is not particularly my style, I will say that having a big bag handy for everything from your personal belongings, to sunglasses, changes of clothes, and all that other random stuff you must have while you are out is great. The Honeymoon Bag is the perfect way to carry everything in style during your fabulous trip. The best thing is that people at hotels or on airlines can easily spot it and hopefully give you some great perks during your trip. We got so many awesome perks for being on our honeymoon, it was incred!

Aside from a great big bag I found it incredibly convenient to carry around a small over the shoulder bag for basics. I put my passport, money and phone in this small bag that I basically had around me at all times. Seeing as I am used to carrying massive bags, I didn't even notice this one. This made it easy for quick dinner runs or hanging out around the hotel.


And because I am known for having far far too many bags on me, I also brought along my bag I received from Wedding Chicks. I realized a week before the wedding that I forgot to order my Wedding Chicks bag! Luckily the guy in charge of the shop was ridiculously nice and rushed it out to me the day I ordered it giving me plenty of time to fall in love with it before the wedding. And that I did. I got the bunting one, but now that I look at their shop again, they have way too many amazing options!