{From One Bride To Another} Let Me Help You

I have got a bit of an announcement for all you brides today! It's just a little something to help. Should you choose to accept I'm all ears for anything. Let me know how I can help. E-mail me allison@engagedandinspired.com and we can figure out the deets and meet!

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Whether you just got engaged or have been at it for a while doesn't matter. Whether you have a planner or not doesn't matter (because, see, I am not here to take the place of the planners and designers in the world). If you want another bride to talk to about the thing we call wedding planning I can help give the bride's perspective on it all. Topics include, but are in no way limited to (seeing as I know you guys are incredibly creative and will think of everything!) detail ideas, help finding vendors, don't know if you should hire a certain type of vendor for your wedding, DIY ideas, personalization ideas, or just need someone to give advice on anything and everything from stay on budget to all that fun stuff.

I have seen over 100 venues in the Bay Area (and unfortunately I am totally not exaggerating) have researched and met with dozens and dozens of vendors in SF Bay Area and know my way around an inspiration board, detail design not to mention all the DIYing I am known to do.

What's in it for me? The wedding blues are hitting me at full force and I need an outlet for all this creativity buzzing around in my mind. If I can help by offering advice, suggestions or do anything to make you a little less stressed, I am happy to help. Plus, I know so much about the Bay Area wedding industry that there is no point in you all reinventing the wheel when I can download all the goodness onto you. In essence this is a totally free thing. Let's have a little bit of fun!

So, if you need a little help or just want to talk my ear off, I am here! Let's grab a coffee, brunch, drinks, whatever and spend a bit of time getting some off-line in person help from someone who just went through it.

And if you don't live in the Bay Area but want to blab about all things wedding, don't fret, I am still just an e-mail away!