{Finding the Balance} Modern + Vintage

While trying to put together and inspiration board for my home I ran into something quite funny. I found the two most perfect pieces of furniture for my home but didn't buy them because they were very shabby chic. Nothing wrong with that although I have slowly transformed my entire house from black simple furniture to white shabby. I am trying to break away from that and mix shabbs with some super modern pieces to balance and keep it classic. The point of that whole story is that it got me thinking the same thing about weddings. Right now trends are deep in vintage and shabby, but finding the perfect mix of that reclaimed shabbs and that classic modern look has to exist. I would love to do more on this and see what I can create with this look (maybe a styled shoot is in my future!) but for now I loved these photos as a representation of both. The bell, vintage. The pin wheel, modern. Super cute spring modern invites on vintage hankies. Lovely. Totally lovely.

Source: Grey Likes, Oh So Beautiful Paper,  Pinwheels