{Fashion} All You'll Get Out Of Me About The Royal Wedding.

If there is one trend I am going to be taking away from the Royal Wedding, it is all the amazing hats. Why can't America be this stylish? All you could see from aerial views were fluffy, fun, colorful hats, each one bigger than the next!

Lastly, I will say that I think Kate is a totally amazing choice for modern royalty. She is so composed, so together and just drop dead gorgeous. She looked a little off during the ceremony though. She looked either nauseous, maybe she was flustered or probably just dead tired. I'm sure she was just tired, and I can believe it.

And PPS. I loved her expression when she walked on the balcony to find the thousands and thousands of people cheering. She was so modest and totally cute.

But you will never hear me say that I loved the bottom of that dress (the bodice was incred though), or that tiara's should come back in style. But I loved the cap-sleeved dress Pippa wore. Now THAT I could get behind.