Girls Shoot In Napa by Scott Andrew Studio

You may remember that I spent my bachlorette weekend in Napa, one of my fave places. I happen to have a favorite restaurant up there, Brix, which I go to every time I am in the area (which as I have said before, was the place that Ian should have proposed to me...just saying) Brix is also a place I have been dying to do a photo shoot at. DYING. The patio, vineyard, fountains and train tracks make for some absolutely incredible photo ops. I feel in love with Scott Andrew after seeing the most gorgeous amazing lavender wedding ever. Bonus: he shoots on film, which I just love. That takes a ridiculous amount of talent in this digitally-dominated world. Seeing as I used to shoot on film and develop in the dark room, I am slightly partial to it.

Anyways, he agreed to do a shoot with us before dinner. 6 loud girls with a little wine can be a challenge, and he was quite the trooper. Not to mention he was incredibly nice and a fun guy to spend a bit of time with.

I grabbed what few props I had and brought them along, but nothing much. I would love to do a proper over-the-top incredible photo shoot at this location. Maybe one of these days.